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In 2018, the NPRC regional and national contests will be funded solely through donations. All students participate free of charge. This competition exists because donors like you know that improving language and public speaking skills, enhancing critical thinking, and building self-confidence among youth are paramount to Armenia’s future. This competition exists because you care about cultivating a love of words and creativity in committed learners. Thank you for supporting a love of poetry, a celebration of learning, and a new generation equipped to shape tomorrow’s Armenia.


2017 National Contest Winners


1st Place Winners! (From left to right): Emilia Simonian (11th form), Gayan Elena Hovnanian (8th form), Argam Movsisyan (9th form), Narek Melkonyan (7th form), Darlene Moreno (Chair), Milena Mkoyan (10th form) and Liana Habeshyan (12th form)

7th Form Winners


(From left to right):  Mary Purtoyan, Narek Melkonyan and Arka Grigoryan

1st Place: Narek Melkonyan, School #59
2nd Place: Arka Grigoryan, Vanadzor School #1
3rd Place: Mary Purtoyan, Verjine Adamyan School Lanjaghbyur

8th Form Winners


(From left to right): Lilit Asatryan, Gayan Elena Hovhanian and Ani Harutyunyan

1st Place: Gayan Elena Hovhanian, Avedisyan School Yerevan
2nd Place: Ani Harutyunyan, Gyumri School #26
3rd Place: Lilit Asatryan, Vanadzor School #18

9th Form Winners


(From left to right): Anahit Badalyan, Martin Ghazaryan and Argam Movsisyan

1st Place: Argam Movsisyan, Vanadzor School #3
2nd Place: Anahit Badalyan, Kapan School #7
3rd Place: Martin Ghazaryan, Svarants

10th Form Winners


(From left to right) Daniella Donatelle, Milena Mkoyan and Sona Vardanyan

1st Place: Milena Mkoyan, Vanadzor School #24
2nd Place: Daniella Donatelle, AYB
3rd Place: Sona Vardanyan, Goris

11th Form Winners


(From left to right) Melania Khachatryan, Nune Martirosyan and Emilia Simonian

1st Place: Emilia Simonian, AYB
2nd Place: Nune Martirosyan, Shatin
3rd Place: Melanie Khachatryan, Karmirgyugh School #1

12th Form Winners


(From left to right): Ani Hovhannisyan, Monika Atayan and Liana Habeshyan

1st Place: Liana Habeshyan, Avedisyan School Yerevan
2nd Place: Ani Hovhannisyan, Vardenis State College
3rd Place: Monika Atayan, Kapan School #3


2017 National Poetry Recitation Contest Participants and Chair

2017 Regional Contest Update

We are excited to announce these updates for the 2017 Regional Contests:

This year, the Yerevan Regional Contest will return to Artashat, it’s place of origin. The Artashat Regional Contest will be on Saturday, April 15th at School #2. Time is To Be Decided.

The Gyumri Regional Contest will be held on Saturday, April 8th at School #26 Auditorium. The contest will begin at 12pm.

The Hrazdan Regional Contest will be held on Sunday, March 12th at School #13 at 12pm.

The Vanadzor Regional Contest will be on Saturday, April 8th at School #1 Auditorium at 11am.

Check back later for more updates!


2016 National Contest Winners

Nearly 50 participants came from all regions of Armenia to compete in the finals of the 2016 National Poetry Recitation Contest in Yerevan on May 8. The contest at the American University highlighted some of the most talented and hardworking students in Armenia. Their performances were all outstanding!

Students from all over Armenia gathered for the National Poetry Recitation Contest in Yerevan. Photo by Lauren Truong.

Students from all over Armenia gathered for the National Poetry Recitation Contest in Yerevan. Photo by Lauren Truong.

The winners by form, school and region are:

7th Form
1st Place – Anna Sahakyan, Kapan School #7, Kapan
2nd Place – Lyova Khurshudyan, Gyumri School #26, Gyumri
3rd Place – Satenik Karapetyan, Yeghegnadzor School #2, Yeghegnadzor

nprc mills

U.S. Ambassador Richard Mills congratulates Kapan School #7 teacher, Varduhi Ghazarayan, and her students, 7th form first place winner Anna Sahakyan (left), and 9th form first place winner Sona Vardanyan. Ghazarayan is the counterpart of PCV Daniel Cloward.

8th Form
1st Place – Susanna Kharatyan, AYB School, Yerevan
2nd Place – Aregnaz Abovyan, Evrika, Vanadzor

3rd Place – Anzhela Hunanyan, Karmirgyugh #2, Gavar

9th Form
1st Place – Sona Vardanyan, Kapan School #7, Kapan
2nd Place – Alina Harutyunyan, Yeghegnadzor School #1, Yeghegnadzor

3rd Place – Milena Gevorgyan, Yerevan School #114, Yerevan

10th Form
1st Place – Sona Harutyunyan, School #1, Hrazdan
2nd Place – Aram Adamyan, AYB School, Yerevan

3rd Place – Valya Gasparyan, Aragatsavan Secondary School #1, Gyumri

11th Form
1st Place – Liana Malkhasyan, Yerevan School #114, Yerevan
2nd Place – Erik Aleksanyan, Yeghegnadzor School #3, Yeghegnadzor

3rd Place – Mery Hambarsumyan, Darbas Secondary School, Sisian

12th Form
1st Place – Ani Gevorgyan, Karakert School #1, Yerevan
2nd Place – Heghine Khachatryan, Vanadzor School #5

3rd Place – Araksya Jraghatspanyan, Karmirgyugh #1, Gavar

HUGE congratulations to every student who participated! You are all winners in our book – you worked very hard to get here and you should be proud of everything you have accomplished!

Wishing you a very happy and successful end of the school year,
The NPRC Team
Ani Gevorgyan, 12th grade 1st place winner from Karakert School #1

NPRC co-chairs Darlene Moreno and Madison Lane congratulate Ani Gevorgyan, 12th form 1st place winner from Karakert School #1.


Congratulations — Gyumri winners!

Congratulations to the contestants in the Gyumri Regional Contest, held April 16 in Gyumri.  First place winners will go on to the finals in Yerevan on May 1.

7th Form
1st – Lyova Khurshudyan, Gyumri School #26
2nd – Vahan Hakobyan, Gyumri School #20
3rd – Ashot Mkhoyan, Gyumri School #26

8th Form
1st – Lilit Margaryan, Gyumri School #20
2nd – Varduhi Manukyan, Gyumri School #15
3rd – Lena Vardanyan, Pemzashen Secondary School

9th Form
1st – Gohar Grigoryan, Gyumri School #38
2nd – Anahit Hakobyan, Gyumri School #20
3rd – Nadejda Nersisyan, Getk Secondary School

10th Form
1st – Valya Gasparyan, Aragatsavan Secondary School #1
2nd – Alla Mkhitaryan, Aragatsavan Secondary School #1
3rd – Angela Serobyan, Aragatsavan Secondary School #1

11th Form
1st – Anahit Petrosyan, Gyumri School #26
2nd – Diana Kyureghyan, Academic College of Gyumri

12th Form
1st – Armine Vardanyan, Academic College of Gyumri
2nd – Noemi Ginosyan, Aragatsavan Secondary School #1
3rd – Karen Asatryan, Getk Secondary School